• Your Accessible Document Solution
  • Talking documents will help you reach the millions of clients and consumers unable to read your printed materials!
  • *15.3 million Americans have manual dexterity limitations like the inability to hold a book and turn pages—U.S. Census
  • * 15 million people experience a brain-based reading disability—National Council on Learning Disabilities
  • * 21.7 million individuals have a visual impairment or blindness—National Health Interview Survey
  • * 32 million U.S. adults are illiterate (unable to read at the most basic level)—StatisticBrain.com
  • AccessiDocs can turn your printed words into accessible audio files that will enable you to bridge the information gap and reach these untapped markets.
  • Click to hear AccessiDocs sample document convertions
  • * Company Brochure
  • * Restaurant Menu
  • * Organization Newsletter
  • * Consumer Handbook
  • * Transit Schedule
  • Do you have product brochures, instruction manuals, resource materials, program descriptions, or business practice/policy documents that rely on words to convey your message? Let AccessiDocs help you get that message out to the population’s you’ve been missing!
  • Based on your needs, AccessiDocs can provide:
  • * Your materials converted into audio using text-to-speech technology
  • * MP3 files for download from your website
  • * Daisy 3, fully accessible, audio documents with structured navigation
  • * Pre-loaded thumb drives containing your audio files


  • A project of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind


  • Contact Us:
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    Suite B
    Harrisburg, PA. 17102
    Toll-free: 1-877-617-7407
    Local: 717-920-9999
    Fax: 717-920-9988
  • accessidocs@pcb1.org

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